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Midnight Whiskey on the Finley, 2023_edi

Midnight Whiskey on the Finley, 2023

Acrylic on canvas
48x24x1.5" (approximately)

The moon rises beyond the clouded sky, muting the tones of the world, as the sultry hues of a whiskey palette paint a view of the Finley River from the verandas of the restored Ozark Mill. This adaptation shows the river flowing in from the left, beneath McCracken Bridge, falling over the weir, winding around the bends, and exiting the canvas below the distant Riverside Bridge.


Depiction of one of the rivers of Ozark, Missouri.


Acrylic on canvas


Can you feel the fall breeze blowing through the aspens as the leaves start to change, or smell the spruce and fir? Do the sticks crackle beneath your boots as you hike along the trail? Bring a picnic and enjoy the majesty of the view in the mossy meadow, or, if you’re feeling like a challenge, the San Juan Mountains lie ahead, inviting the adventurous.

Typically I make up places to paint, but this one was inspired by a trip to the Silverton, Colorado area. I already loved mountains, but this area stole my heart. Following the trip, I discovered a photographer, Lars Leber, who has no idea I exist or that I used his photo for inspiration, that captured a view similar to this in one of his photos. I made a few changes to the scenery, but the mountains are a close depiction to his beautiful photo of this amazing area. 

Silverton, 2022_edited.jpg
Mountain Lake_edited.jpg

Mountain Lake, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

Blue, green and a touch of yellow make this mountain landscape come alive on a misty day on the lake in this acrylic painting.

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