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Angela Franklin

Featured Painting

Midnight Whiskey on the Finley, 2023_edi

Midnight Whiskey on the Finley, 2023

Acrylic on canvas
48x24x1.5" (approximately)

The moon rises beyond the clouded sky, muting the tones of the world, as the sultry hues of a whiskey palette paint a view of the Finley River from the verandas of the restored Ozark Mill. This adaptation shows the river flowing in from the left, beneath McCracken Bridge, falling over the weir, winding around the bends, and exiting the canvas below the distant Riverside Bridge.


Depiction of one of the rivers of Ozark, Missouri.

Carter, 2022_edited.jpg
Silverton, 2022_edited.jpg
Mermaid Glass_edited.jpg

A few of my favorites

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Angela Franklin Art

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