Fluid Paintings

Fluid painting, pour art, abstract, modern... there are so many different names we could give these types of paintings, but to save confusion, I'm calling them fluid paintings. 

This style uses a wet canvas with very fluid paint dripped or poured onto the canvas, then either moved with compressed air, tilted on the canvas, swiped across the canvas etc, to create different effects.


This is a very addictive, fun way to create abstract artwork, and as you gain more practice, can manipulate the paint into a neat vision.

I absolutely love making these kinds of paintings and encourage everyone to try.


Phoenix, 2020


Acrylic fluid painting on canvas

Created using very fluid paint, dripped onto the canvas and manipulated with air for the appearance of the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes below. 

Created for a 20 year anniversary present.

Fun fact - no brush or other tool ever touched this canvas, only paint and air.